My Hot Date wins in Vegas!

We are excited to announce that Niles ventured into the Pizza competition world and walked away with a huge WIN in his first competition. Competing at the 2022 International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, Niles entered his newest creation “My Hot Date” and won first place in the “Non Traditional Pizza” category!

The news was so exciting, our friends from King 5 Evening stopped by to try “My Hot Date”!

 I feel honored and humbled to walk away with this from my first competition. Here’s a close up of the ”My Hot Date” pizza (garlic roasted olive oil, whole milk mozzarella, gorgonzola, roasted dates, reduced balsamic glaze) which is currently ranked as the best non traditional pizza in the Northwestern U.S. after winning first place at the 2022 International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas! Much thanks for continued support from my good friend and mentor Will Grant (who gave me his 128yr old sourdough starter for my birthday, which I use for all my pizzas) of Sourdough Willy’s, the Edmonds community, and my friends abroad, to keep me pushing as a perpetual student and respecting the craft.

Niles Peacock

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